Welcome to the NorthStar Orthopaedic Trauma Fellowship
Regions Hospital

Welcome to the NorthStar Orthopaedic Trauma Fellowship
Regions Hospital

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The Regions NorthStar Orthopaedic Trauma Fellowship experience includes exposure to a Level I Trauma setting and the University of Minnesota medical system. The program hospital, Regions Hospital in St. Paul, admits over 18,000 patients and performs over 12,000 surgical procedures per year. The catchment for high energy or complex trauma, as well as referred tertiary care extends broadly to four surrounding states.

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Program Overview

The fellows work directly with seven fulltime orthopaedic trauma faculty, covering clinical and research domains including surgery of the pelvis and acetabulum, foot & ankle and upper extremity, spine, post-traumatic joint reconstruction, correction of malunion, treatment of bone infection, management of the multiply-injured patient, and specific programs in pediatric and geriatric orthopaedic trauma. The fellow will work with the Orthopaedic residents and staff as an integral part of the trauma service.

Successful completion of the fellowship includes the execution of two publishable manuscripts. To accomplish these goals, the fellow will have access to the University of Minnesota Biomechanics Laboratory and the Regions Hospital Trauma Research Center. These labs feature state-of-the art resources. We also have a dedicated Clinical Research Team based at Regions Hospital who is available to help with the administration and operation of all research. Clinical research activities are highlighted.


Completion of a North American Orthopaedic Residency Training Program and the ability to obtain a Minnesota Medical licensure.

How To Apply

Regions NorthStar Orthopaedic Trauma Fellowship Program participates in the trauma fellowship match program.

For more information and an application, please visit the SF Match website.

Our Goal

The goal of our fellowship is to provide a career bridge to fellowship graduates which would allow them to practice in a multitude of professional settings from competitive academic centers to private clinical practices. Therefore, they will graduate clinically competent, and confident to manage the variety of real world clinical trauma challenges. Furthermore, they will be well equipped to compete for top academic positions by virtue of their research and educational pedigree, supported by an environment of academic mentoring and leadership. The fellows should graduate well versed in clinical presentation of cases, presentation of orthopaedic clinical and research topics, creative in their surgical planning and execution, and with a thorough understanding of orthopaedic trauma from pre-hospital delivery to long term rehabilitation.

Thank You!

We would like to thank and recognize our grant Sponsors, without you we could not make these fellowships happen!

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